What are the Best Supplements for Fatigue?

Best Supplements for Fatigue

Best Supplements for Fatigue

When it comes to raising your energy levels, ensuring you’re getting enough calories from the right foods is just the start. All of the food we eat contains energy, but how it is released and used in the body is dependent on array of interactions involving many vitamins and minerals. There’s so much more to feeling awake than getting enough sleep, so whether you’re after more vigour for an intense workout, or just want to feel less drowsy – ensuring your body has all of the nutrients it needs to improve energy production is a good place to start. Our rule is always food first, but on top of food - there are certain supplements that deliver key nutrients to help improve energy efficiency - here's a list of our top 4!


1. Vitamin C for fatigue?

Vitamin C Oranges Lemon 

Historically, most of us have associated Vitamin C with warding off the common cold and whilst this is true in part, there’s a lot more to this vitamin. Perhaps the most important role of Vitamin C when it comes to energy is the part it plays in the metabolism of stress hormones. Cortisol is a steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal glands in response to stress. High levels of Cortisol in the body can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and alert (and struggling to sleep). As Vitamin C functions to metabolise stress hormones such as Cortisol, an adequate intake can reduce feelings of stress and help encourage a better night’s sleep. This will leave you feeling better rested upon waking and ready to take on the day.

Adequate intakes of Vitamin C will also boost your immune system, support bone and skin health and increase your levels of powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C has also been shown to offer anti-viral and anti-fungal support which can also act as an effective antihistamine for allergy or hay fever sufferers.

There are an abundance of Vitamin C supplements on the market - most of them synthetic. We derive our natural Vitamin C from 100% organic amla fruit offering high bioavailability and 250% recommended daily intake in every capsule.

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2. Magnesium for fatigue?

Magnesium for Fatigue 

Magnesium can help increase your energy, reduce fatigue and improve sleep. A key function of magnesium is in the production of energy from glucose. In fact, a lack of magnesium can lead to cell death - caused by the depletion of energy stores alone. Studies have shown that low levels of magnesium in red blood cells is directly linked to symptoms of chronic fatigue. It is thought that this is caused by an inability of cells to metabolise energy in its absence.

Lack of Magnesium is common and is thought to affect around one in every ten people. Dietary sources of magnesium include leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans and whole grains. Due to the declining quality of soil, magnesium levels in food are less than they used to be making it harder to get enough that it used to be. In addition, modern day lifestyles and increased daily stresses also deplete magnesium further making supplementing a good idea for a lot of people.

The range of magnesium supplements vary - in price, quality and forms (types). It's noted that magnesium forms ending with the letters 'ate' (for example Magnesium Citrate) tend to have a better bioavailability (absorption rate) meaning you get more for your money, in comparison to other cheaper forms like Magnesium Oxide which can have an absorption rate as low as 4%.

Our Super Magnesium supplement contains a special blend of magnesium citrate and magnesium bisglycinate which are 2 of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium around, and also delivers 100% of the recommended daily intake in every serving.

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3. Supreme Greens Powder for fatigue?

Supreme Greens Powder Drink

Our Supreme Greens Powder is a potent and nutrient-rich greens drink that contains 35 organic superfoods and bio-active enzymes designed to support gut health, increase energy and and offer unrivalled levels of nutrition in every scoop.

Supreme Greens contains a mix of 11 green foods, 8 fruits and berries, 14 vegetables, 2 herbs and seeds, and our plant-derived digestive enzyme blend to help with better absorption. 

Super foods act on a biochemical level to release energy within your body’s cells – working hard to fight fatigue and leverage liveliness. As you learnt above, converting food into energy isn’t just something your body embraces, it requires a range of nutrients, micronutrients and enzymes – many of which can be found in a greens powder like this one.

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4. ZMA for fatigue?

ZMA for Sleep

ZMA is a unique combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 designed to increase recovery by inducing sleep and improving sleep quality. Zinc is essential in the growth and production of new cells, whilst magnesium suppresses the nervous system and helps to induce sleep. Together with Vitamin B6 (which helps to absorb both nutrients), ZMA® can be a great help for everyone looking to aid post-exercise recovery or simply improve sleep quality.

One thing to note is that a lot of people struggle to fit exercise into their day and so therefore find an evening workout to be the best fit for their lifestyle. Whilst exercising at any point in the day is better than not exercising at all, bear in mind late-night workouts can stimulate adrenaline in the body and leave you feeling too alert to sleep so try go straight after work, and avoid being the last one to leave the gym! 

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Final Thoughts

When you lead a busy lifestyle and are constantly chasing your tail, tiredness can be too easy to accept. It is all too common to perceive fatigue as an unavoidable consequence of working hard, be it physically or mentally, but you can help your body to rest, recover and rejuvenate by increasing your levels of essential nutrients and making small improvements to your day to day lifestyle.

Not working out too late, making sure you get a good night sleep and increasing essential nutrient intake will help get the most out of the food you are eating – converting it efficiently and maximising the benefits to your energy levels. So if you’re tired of feeling tired and can't seem to shift it - hopefully this article can help.

Thanks for reading.

Stephanie Masterman

Natural Nutrients Nutritionist

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