An idea from passionate Personal Trainers

When you have a goal, you want to find the best way to achieve it. This was why Liam was a popular personal trainer. He enjoyed helping clients find smart ways to achieve their health and fitness ambitions. The best thing? Seeing them get results. 

Liam's secret wasn't the reps, high intensity sessions or the motivation, although these were important too, it was the nutritional advice he gave clients that unlocked the potential in everyone.

But when people asked him to recommend protein shakes and supplements that supported the advice he gave around food - Liam was stumped. He couldn't find a single source of supplements that not only worked, but that were made of natural, good quality ingredients and tasted great. 

At the time, there was only one thing to do - develop his own. 

Humble Beginning's

(Liam's old spare room - it was kinda organised!)

Liam started selling his first ever Natural Nutrients product - an unflavoured grass-fed whey protein powder, from the boot of his car following outdoor bootcamp sessions. 

Clients loved their new shakes and were soon telling everyone about Natural Nutrients, and why they chose our products over the larger cheaper brands who are known to cut corners.

It wasn't long before Liam's car (and spare room) became too cramped for the growing demand and expanding product range, and Natural Nutrients needed its own home. So after a few years as a small side business, we set up a new base in County Durham and dedicated ourselves to customers full time.

Along comes Craig... 

It was just before moving into their new premises that Liam bumped into a customer down the gym that was raving about Natural Nutrients products. When Craig realised it was Liam that had developed the range, he immediately offered to come on board and help the brand fulfil its potential.

Beating the dragons!

It hasn't all been plain sailing though, and to say we've been on a bit of a journey - well that would be an understatement. There's been highs and lows, challenges and experiences, and lots of moving around.

But an experience we'll never forget was appearing on BBC's Dragon's Den back in 2017. We went (old brand in hand) and asked for investment to help Natural Nutrients become a market leader in natural supplements.

On the day, 4 out of 5 Dragon's decided to back Liam and Craig's idea, but negotiations broke down soon after the show due to not being able to reach an agreeable equity agreement.

The experience was something we'll never forget and it helped the brand gain some new customers who may otherwise have never heard of us. Feeling motivated, we decided to invest into the new branding and packaging which we have today and the new modern Natural Nutrients was born.


Our goal is to help you become healthier. We do this by helping your learn about food and nutrition and developing high quality effective supplements. We're passionate about using quality ingredients and developing supplements that work - not just those that sell well.

We don't do FAD’s, trends or follow the crowd, and only offer what we believe can help you get healthier. So if you’re searching for an honest, passionate and effective supplement brand, then you’re in the right place!

Thanks for stopping by and for reading our story. 

Team NN