Natural Whey Protein Isolate


Natural Nutrients use 100% pure whey protein isolate, which is low in fat and high in protein, making it ideal for increasing lean muscle mass, enhancing exercise performance and assisting with weight management. It is not to be confused with other brands that often use whey concentrate which is typically higher in fat and carbs - and lower in protein.


Because we want to offer a better alternative to many existing protein powder products in the market, we choose only the best ingredients available on the market to provide the best possible quality.

  • Sourced from Grass-fed Cows

Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder is made using the freshest milk from healthy cows that are fed grass for the majority of the year (as much as humanely possible), and harvested grass or silage in the colder winter months. Happier cows, with more room to move and better living conditions are healthier cows, and often produce better milk and better meat.

They say we are what we eat and that goes for cows too! Grass-fed cows produce milk that has a different nutritional composition to that from grain-fed cows. The result is a whey that has a complete amino acid profile, which is better absorbed into muscles.

  • Natural Ingredients
We use 100% natural, real food ingredients across our whole range of whey protein powders. We add natural colours and flavourings to make sure our whey tastes as good as it is for you. We never use artificial colours, flavourings or ingredients.
  • No Added Non-sense - Just Pure Protein

The reason our whey has such good nutritional values is due to the fact we don't add unnecessary ingredients such as fillers, binders or bulking agents (bulkers) which other brands use to significantly lower their production costs - but at the same compromising the quality of their whey.


As we only use the best ingredients money can buy - we've been able to make our Natural Whey Protein taste great and have a super light, easy-to-mix texture. We believe that drinking your whey protein should be enjoyable and appetising, and not something you dread doing every time you have it. No lumps, clumps or stickyness around here!

  • No Artificial Sweeteners

We use stevia extract to sweeten our whey protein - a natural, plant-based sugar alternative. Synthetic sweeteners such as sucralose are commonly added to whey protein powders to make them taste better but its use has been linked with health problems suach as poor metabolism and gut disturbances. Whilst sucralose might not be bad in moderation, if you are a fitness enthusiast and supplementing your diet with protein regularly; you definitely want to make sure your whey protein powder is sucralose-free.