Organic Natural Vitamin C
Organic Natural Vitamin C Capsules

Organic Natural Vitamin C

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Vitamin C can help increase immunity, reduce stress hormones and support the health of our bones and skin.

Vitamin C has also been shown to offer anti-viral and anti-fungal support which can help defend the body against the common cold, and can also act as an effective antihistamine for allergy or hay fever sufferers.

We derive our natural Vitamin C from 100% organic amla fruit offering high bioavailability and 250% RDA in every capsule.

Ingredients & Nutrition:

Active Ingredients Per Capsule % NRV

Vitamin C (from Organic Amla Fruit)



NRV= Nutrient Reference Value

Non Active Ingredients:

Rice Bran, Rice Concentrate

Directions for use:

Take 1 capsule per day with food.