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New Year New…US

Happy new year everyone and welcome to our very first blog post of 2018.

After a very productive but hard working 2017 – we’ve enjoyed our Christmas downtime and are now ready and raring to go for another year ahead and have lots of exciting news to share over the coming weeks of January.

We’ll start with 3 of the biggest and most important things that’s happening this month and tell you how you benefit as our customer.


1. Rebrand

We’ve spent the last quarter of the year completing a full company wide revamp of our logo, product range and website and we’re literally a matter of weeks away from being able to share it with you.

It gives the company a fresher, slicker and much-needed modernisation which helps us continue to appeal and cater to the diverse range of customers that we continue to support. We’ve also spent a lot of time acting on feedback regarding font sizes, directions and other suggestions that you our customers have given us and implemented them into the new look packaging.

One of the most notable changes is the fact we’ve decided to move all pills (i.e. anything in capsule form) into clear pots instead of the kraft brown pouches. We feel this makes it easier to carry around and easier to store, and we really like the idea of people being able to see the capsules before buying. The powdered products (i.e. whey, creatine etc) will be staying in pouches albeit now fully printed as opposed to a blank pouch and label. Moving to a fully printed pouch gives us additional space on the back in particular which we’ve utilised to increase font sizes, simplify information and generally make all the content on the pack that much more legible and easier to read.

Whilst the new look is a big change for us – one of the main reasons we went for this style is to help fulfil all of the exciting retail opportunities we have coming this year. We’re confident it will help secure new listings at new retailers around the country and make getting your hands on our brand and products much more accessible – especially if you’re out and about shopping at very well known stores – but more on that later.

In the meantime – here’s a before and after sneak peak of 1 product from each of the 3 newly re-categorised ranges which will take on the following format:

  • Snacks & Superfoods – flavour dependant colour + white ‘NN’ logo icon
  • Health & Wellbeing – green main body with medium size logo pattern + green ‘NN’ logo icon
  • Sports Nutrition – red main body with large logo pattern + red ‘NN’ logo icon
Organic Vegan Greens Powder





2. Re-Formulations & Product Upgrades

Our product range is never static and when we come across an opportunity to improve an ingredient or a formulation in order to benefit our customers – that’s exactly what we do.

We spent many months last year analysing our existing range and working out ways of improving what we currently offer, and over the next few weeks we’ll be replacing 6/7 existing products with a more natural, cleaner or more potent version of itself.

Our goal is to be THE cleanest and most natural Sports Nutrition and Health Food brand in the UK and in order to achieve our goal we need you to achieve your goals, and to do that you need the best products. Quality has always been the main aspect of our range but as we develop we’ll continue to explore new opportunities to make improvements to what we currently offer.

We can’t quite release the details of every product just yet, but a couple of things you can look forward to include:

  • Vitamin D3 becoming fully Vegan friendly (and not just suitable for vegetarians)
  • An additional strain (making it 6) being added to our new and improved Probiotic Complex
  • Existing Vitamin C being replaced with Organic Natural Vitamin C
  • Introduction of BCAA Powder, a snack bar (a little way off still) and 2 new products which have very specific benefits to two very common health issues

All new product developments and improvements will be released with and subsequently after the rebranding goes live – but for now we’ve got our existing and fantastic set of products available as normal to help you on your way to your new year health and fitness goals.


3. Own part of our Business in 2018

You may remember that last year we appeared on Dragon’s Den seeking investment to support the ongoing development and growth the business has seen in the last 12 months. Despite doing very well in the Den and getting 4/5 Dragon’s making an offer (and getting lots of new customers too!) we decided to put the investment round on hold whilst we focused on doing much of what we’ve talked about above and making sure we did it with the full focus and attention that it required.

The good news is that in the next week or two we will be opening the doors to investment again and have partnered with leading crowdfunding platform Crowdcube who will run a 30-day investment round where both sophisticated and inexperienced investors can join our team and own part of our business in 2018.

We grew by 110% last year which is great but what’s better is that we’re now just really getting started. With high profile listings in Holland & Barrett, Musclefood and a leading UK Wholesaler all to come in early 2018, and a pipeline full of a whole lot more to follow – we forecast the biggest and best year yet and expect to grow by at least 233% in the next 12 months alone!

When I started the business my goal was to help more people improve and optimise their health, by giving them the opportunity to use high quality, clean supplements from a brand that they can trust and can rely on. In order for us to give more people that opportunity and support we need to invest in our business and our team and to do so we need your help.

Our customers are genuinely at the heart of everything we do, and we thank you for your continued support over the years and hope we can repay your faith in us by delivering on our goals and allowing you to own part of our business for just £10 and become part of something special that that we’re building for the future

We’ll be announcing how to get involved very soon but in the meantime – to make sure you don’t miss an investment communication – click THIS LINK and enter your email address.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading my blog, and I hope it’s given you some insight into the exciting future and plans we have here at Natural Nutrients.

All the very best for 2018,


Liam Sherriff

Managing Director

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