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FREE Weight Loss Competition

Lets face it – the most popular New Years Resolution is to lose weight or become healthier in January, which is understandable when you consider the average person gains 7lbs (half a stone) over the festive period, and will probably be feeling sluggish and a little wobbly by the time New Years Day rolls around.

More worryingly however is the fact that 42% of people who start a “new year new you” diet in January will give up within the first 2-4 weeks of the new year, and seldom ever achieve that much desired weight loss goal – so this year – we want to HELP!

With the help of our Nutritionist Steph – we’ve created a super simple, super supportive Weight Loss Competition and program that’s designed to help you lose weight, stay on plan and customise your own diet guidelines for January. The competition starts on Tuesday 3rd January and Steph will be providing you all the tools, support and motivation you need to succeed this New Year using a series of emails and documents. Here’s what you get:

  • Tools to track your progress
  • Bespoke Diet Guidelines
  • A food diary to keep and submit to our nutritionists (optional)
  • Recipes each week to keep you motivated
  • Supplement advice to support your weight-loss goals
  • Full Support from our Nutritionist Steph

The competition and program will run until Sunday 29th January 2017 and whoever succeeds with the best transformation will win our Performance Supplement Bundle worth £72.99! Check out the infographic for more information on how it all works, and then sign up using the form below to get started.


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