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Five reasons why our Protein Popcorn is the ultimate snack!


Protein Popcorn

Five reasons why our Protein Popcorn is the ultimate guilt-free snack!


  1. Nature’s Nibble

There aren’t many snacks on the market with as few ingredients as popcorn. This is important because the less ingredients in a product, the less likely it is to contain nasty additives, chemicals or bulking agents. As well as this, food products with masses of ingredients tend to be a lot more processed and not very fresh. Our protein popcorn contains only 100% natural ingredients, sourced ethically and with quality in mind. We heat our corn until it expands from the kernel and puffs up, then coat it in delicious wholesome flavourings. That’s all there is to it! So you can be confident that your snack hasn’t been tampered with, tweaked or transformed beyond recognition!


  1. Cooked in Coconut Oil

Our corn kernels are oil-popped in organic virgin coconut oil. The oil’s unique chemical properties and “carbohydrate-like” structure help increase energy and metabolism, which is why it’s vast becoming the number one cooking oil for people on weight management programs. Coconut oil is packed with health-boosting saturated fats called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s). MCTs are known as the healthy fats, because it is very easy for the body to break them down. This means that you use them as energy easier, rather than storing them in the body as fat. The oil is extracted straight from the flesh of fresh coconuts – so it’s 100% organic, natural and is minimally processed.


  1. Full of Fibre

Popcorn contains a substantially large amount of fibre – especially for a snack. It is whole-grain and low in calories, meaning you can fill up quicker without gaining weight. This is due to the undigestible volume of popcorn (insoluble fibre), which normalises bowel movements and promotes digestive health. Our protein popcorn is around 10% fibre, so for every 100g eaten – you’re over one third of the way towards your recommended daily fibre intake! This is great news, because research has shown that most of us are getting only half of our recommended daily amount of fibre, causing a negative effect on gut health.


  1. Rich in Antioxidants

That’s right – a tasty, low-calorie snack that is also rich in antioxidants! It’s a miracle, isn’t it? Well, not really. Our popcorn is grain-based, and research has shown that the health benefits of this lie in the presence health-boosting antioxidants known as polyphenols. Antioxidants function in the body to protect cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. The effect of these polyphenols is so great that they are thought to fight against the development of coronary heart disease and even cancer. Whilst some are sceptical about the health benefits of popcorn due to it’s ‘junk food’ reputation, you can rest assured that ours is free from the fat and sodium that have given popcorn such a bad name in the past. We’ve taken out the bad stuff to leave you with a product full of natural goodness.


  1. Packed with Protein

Great, so that’s popcorn, but what about the protein? We’ve fortified our popcorn with our very own whey protein powder to give it a boost. Our whey protein isolate is something which we’ve developed and perfected over the years. It is derived from quality ingredients, then dried and filtered to give the purest protein product around. We coat our freshly popped corn kernels in a dusting of protein powder, and finish them with a punch of natural flavours. The result is a carefully crafted snack, high in protein and low in calories – promoting the sought after combination of satisfaction without the guilt. There’s over 10g protein in every 100g of our popcorn. Snacking on our popcorn will contribute to your daily protein requirements, helping to build and repair muscle and regulate the function of the body’s tissues and organs.


Our Protein Popcorn is the ultimate guilt-free snack. It’s full of fibre, protein, antioxidants and – last but not least – flavour! What’s more, it’s 100% natural. We’ve carefully selected the finest flavourings to coat our kernels, and our popcorn is now available in three flavours for you to enjoy: Simply Salted, Tomato & Chilli and Sweet Vanilla. Snacking doesn’t have to be the enemy, it could just end up being your best friend!

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