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FAQ’s: New Branding

We have received a few questions about our products after the new branding has landed, so we thought we would put together everything into one post to answer any queries you may have! If you have any other questions that you want to ask – simply message us on here or send an email to customer services on enquiries@naturalnutrients.co.uk

Are the natural whey protein isolates the same as previously purchased?

The protein powders are the same as before in terms of ingredients and formulation meaning the flavours taste the same regardless of the slight name change. They are now available in a higher quality pre-printed pouch which is more robust than the kraft bags we used to use. We have amended the serving/scoop size to 30g as we feel this delivers more than adequate levels of protein per serving, but also makes the product more suited to a month long serving (i.e 33 servings).

Why has their been a slight price increase in the Whey if it’s the same as before?

Our whey protein isolate is a fantastic product and has been our best seller for many years, so any decision to increase the price has not been taken lightly. However, the truth is we’ve continued to absorb world whey price increases for the last 3 years and can no longer sustain it as our business grows. The sheer quality of our whey and its ingredients mean it comes with an increased cost to ourselves to produce it, and to continue offering the same unrivalled quality – we have had to take these steps. Please note however that the bulk buy 2kg and 3kg options are still available and have only increase by £1 each, and we expect to soon launch a subscription service which will give you 10% off all products that you subscribe to and mean you can buy our 1kg Whey for cheaper than it was before.

Are the digestive enzymes the same as previously purchased – I noticed the dosage was different.

Yes, the dosage has changed from the ones you have previously purchased. As part of our new re-brand we have re-formulated some of the products and digestive enzymes is one of them. In the reformulation we have added an additional FIVE enzymes, changed the excipients slightly to make it an EVEN cleaner product and you now only need to take one capsule with each meal and not 2.

We’re also one of the few brands now using delayed release capsules which gives you 30 minutes extra protection from stomach acid, meaning the enzymes are more potent and active by the time they pass through into the gut.

What’s new with the probiotics? Are they still gluten, yeast and dairy free?

As with probiotics, we have also improved our probiotics as part of our new re-brand and have changed the formulation. Regardless of the changes, they are however still gluten, yeast and dairy free.

We have also added a sixth strain, changed the excipients slightly to make it an even cleaner product and are also using the same delayed release capsules we use for our digestive enzymes to offer extra protection and potency for the probiotics.

(A Regular Question we get asked) Are your protein powders safe to take during pregnancy?

Yes, all of our protein powders are safe during pregnancy as they do not contain any artificial ingredients or sweeteners. The concerns during pregnancy are usually around artificial ingredients or sweeteners, but we do not include any in our products.

As always though, we would recommend you checking with your health practitioner if you have any concerns and show them the ingredients if necessary.



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